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 "Pottery Master since 1935" 

With our products, exclusively handmade in Italy, you can enjoy the inimitable flavors that earthenware pans give to the dishes cooked in them.

How to use terracotta pans

First thing to do when you buy a terracotta pan is immerse it all in water and keep it overnight. Once you remove the pot from the water, flip it and let it dry well, possibly exposed to air. When you put the pan on the stove, keep the flame at the minimum for at least 5 minutes to let spread slowly the heat and avoiding a thermical shock that could damage it. If possible, use a flame spreader. The first time that you use a terracotta pan, don't keep the food inside it after the use, because its flavour could remain in the pot and produce an awful smell when you will use it again. After some uses, the pan will obtain a darker colour and it means that is hardened and can be used also to contain food after cooking. Be careful to never put directly the pan on the stove from the fridge, it has to warm before to avoid thermical shock.  The pan could be used in the traditional oven, microwave oven and could be washed in the dishwasher. When the pan have to be put in the cupboard, don't forget to let it dry well at the air before, otherwise small humidity trace could produce an harmless but annoying patina on it.

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