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Our history

From an unmemorable time, terracotta is part of Lanciano's tradition.
Until the middle of the last century, there was a lot of craftsmen that produced everything was necessary: from cooking pot to water bowl, glasses, dishes .... everything could be done with clay and a little bit of fantasy.
After the World War II , the plastic was introduced and started to replace terracotta and many pottery master had to change their job or, at least, their expectations. In this context, Mauro Taddeo was a young craftsman that had learnt the pottery job from his father and him, with his bigger brothers, tried to continue the family tradition facing a lot of problems. The situation turned dramatic and he decided to transfer his business in South Africa. There the value of his jobs was recognized and he could earn enough to let his family have a good life. After some years of savings, Mauro came back to Italy and opened his workshop, where he worked with his three sons and his daughter. The first son, Aldo, learnt the job from his father and, after many years of family-work, he decided to open in 1991 his own company "Aldo Taddeo terracotta", that continues with the production of hand-made terracotta cooking pots. After many years, in 2012, Aldo retired and the company passed to his daughter Barbara and "Taddeo Terracotta di Taddeo Barbara" was born. Still now we continue to work following the traditional Lanciano's methods.

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